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Entre Rastros, Laços e Traços: Um ensaio sobre a trajetória do corpo-arte e seus processos criativos em dança contemporânea. Dançarina, Dramaturga e Arte-Educadora. Creative Processes, Symbolic Images, Memory Body, Experience This project proposes the study of some of the creative processes in contemporary dance, from the phenomenological scope of the research in art. The survey base is the observation of the dancer that brings to his creations, as a scenic power, some issues of his artistic training and life course. When you look - in practice - the symbolic images that emerge and materialize in the body in the laboratories of scenic creation, you will finally obtain a dialogue between life and work, resulting in an autobiographical body language, which is precisely the ultimate goal of the project. Pesquisadora, dançarina e coreógrafa.

Detalhes da casa de Nina Takesh, em Beverly Hills, inteiramente projetada por ela. In , her relentless pursuit of quality led her to found Petit Trésor, a boutique for luxury baby items that has become one of the most well-known brands in the area. With clients such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Heidi Klum, Nina has achieved worldwide fame, and, today, her work as an interior designer goes far beyond the nursery. Her background was just as international as her fame is. Coming from an aristocratic family in Iran, her first aesthetic influences came from the cradle: her father was the architect responsible for the first residential skyscraper in the country, in addition to several other famous residences. At the age of 6, Nina moved with her family to Beverly Hills. She spent her holidays in Switzerland and the south of France in areas filled with witty and innovative residences that got her attention. Over there, she became a marketing executive for KimberlyClark, managing the Huggies department, and she has also worked for multinationals like Coca-Cola. The following year, Nina founded Petit Trésor, a boutique for luxury baby items with worldwide fame, with clients such as Madonna and Gwen Stefani.

Mulher coroa de toda… Rio de Janeiro. Encontros Casuais. Buscamos mulher madura conveniência cheirosa 50 anos ou restante. Eu e minha mulher buscamos amizades e muitas coisas a restante com mulheres maduras bonitas cheirosas e que gostem de trocar. Par procura homem-feito ou par semelhante à Barreta da Tijuca.

Singelamente magnífico. Eu lembro desse filme. Idade um detetive ou um policial que investigava crimes contra mulheres e se envolve com uma mulher. Nem sei se existe mas fiquei curiosa. Mas a obséquio de uma nova humanidade. De uma postura justa. Dos direitos iguais. Um trabalho de formiga com nossas crianças, prole, alunos, amigos.

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