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ABSTRACT This article objectived to understand the living of men with homosexual orientation and the construction of meanings about homosexuality in their own families, through participant narratives. The narratives were understood qualitatively through Systems Theory, also known as Complex Theory, and it implies considering relational, processual and contextual aspects for understanding human phenomena. This study, compatible with bibliographic data, showed that prejudices socially held, regarding several ways of individuals experience their own homosexuality, help to maintain the difficulties in the acceptance of male homosexuality, nowadays. RESUMEN Este estudio tuvo como objetivo comprender la vivencia de los hombres de orientación homosexual y la construcción de los significados de la homosexualidad en sus respectivas familias de origen, por medio de narrativas de los participantes.

Abstract This research deals with the male homosexuality as seen from the aspects behavior, orientation and identity, showing that these aspects are not necessarily altogether present in all manifestations of the male homosexuality. Hence, as hypothesis, this work considers it to be possible to find human situations where: at least one of the partners is not homosexual oriented; the actors involved not always will recognize themselves as homosexuals; and the presence of a homosexual orientation does not result in a homosexual behavior. Even when one of these three dimensions is not present in the occurrence, it might be considered an authentic homosexual manifestation. This research uses as field dia, narratives of men taken at a psychology clinic and the texts O beijo no asfalto, of Nelson Rodrigues, and Kiss of the spider woman, of Manuel Puig.

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