O mundo sombrio dos 'incels' celibatários involuntários que odeiam mulheres

Encontros pessoais reflexion que 360231

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E-mail: alanbronz gmail. E-mail: pedro memoh. ABSTRACT This article discusses the adaptation of gender reflective group methodologies to an online system, by programs that have the potential for meetings in the virtual space. We report some challenges, such as, maintaining a theoretical-philosophical and methodological stance that are aligned with the reflective processes, and the co-construction of a relational discussion space. Creating scenarios where there is respect for diversity and the problematization of gender relations and that are attentive to a new social context and the possibility dangers of the production of new inequalities. We add to the discussion, some adaptations to the initial process and some challenges and potentialities that were faced in the implementation of these groups in the initial months of social isolation due to the pandemic. Considering the experience of using the methodology of reflective groups from the Noos Institute and the MEMOH organization, that are especially focused on men that are interested in a collective reflection on gender and masculinities. A new form of coexistence and relational etiquette is developed that allows advances, but also aligns some losses, if compared to the presencial format.

Bel Barcellos evokes in her work the delicacies of life, the Between threads of relationships. In the embroidered drawing, the gaze towards the other, the perception of the similarities and differences, the words spoken and those kept. The confrontation of eloquent silence and immobility filled with gestures creates the will to interfere and, between threads, write our own text. As in a board game, the choices impose themselves, and the moments of darkness alternate with the peace of lightness and clarity. Above us are the sky, the birds, the treetops. There is the promise of the infinite, of freer flights, of the desire for heights.

Ele é um dos poucos incels abertos para falar com a imprensa depois o ataque que matou 10 pessoas em Toronto em Além de Jack, outros concordaram em falar, mas sob anonimato. Eu pergunto diretamente: Você odeia as mulheres? Mas esse comportamento é resultado do tempo passado nas comunidades incel? Ele tem um carro esportivo e, mais que isso, ele tem um atributo físico invejado pelos incels - a linha da mandíbula marcada. Qualquer um que interaja com mulheres com sucesso é automaticamente chamado de fakecel - ou falso incel.

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