Washington Unleashes Biological Warfare in Syria

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Published:August 08, Updated:August 08, The online petition calling for a probe into the Fort Detrick represented the wide public opinion, said the Global Times newspaper, which was entrusted by a group of Chinese netizens to post the petition on social media. The probe should revolve around the COVID origin and the safety of the lab, according to the petition. The Fort Detrick biolab stores dangerous infectious viruses and had a leak record in right before the pandemic, said the newspaper.

The Western media have imposed on our imaginations an image of a fabled theocracy where a reincarnated god rules over a peaceful people spinning prayer wheels in a pastoral idyll. The result is what I call the Shangri-La syndrome 1 , millions of Westerners choosing to believe in an attractive but wholly mythological, romantic fantasy which has never existed. Those who have been in the far North beyond the Arctic Circle, or above the tree line in the North American Rocky Mountains or the European Alps, will have some idea of the Tibetan landscape — which is 10, feet above the tree line. There is nothing hospitable about the isolated conditions or climate in Tibet and few of us would live there by choice. Tibet is a high-altitude desert with little oxygen, almost no rainfall, and harsh temperatures. Only sparse numbers of the hardiest animals can survive there and, in much of the land, the severe climate means that nothing, or almost nothing, can grow. No one in Tibet has ever seen a tree or even a bush. Native Tibetans are not dissimilar to the Mongolian ethnic groups in China, being partially nomadic but susceptible to education and societal structure with built stable communities. This is perhaps an aside, but this is one reason we see no street beggars in China except for one subset of Xinjiang Uigurs.

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Lembrando que o âmbito violento reproduz a violência, os membros passam a ser reprodutores de condutas agressivas e levam essa conduta aos outros ambientes dos quais participam. Dentre os tipos de violência, a do tipo sexual parece ser a restante associada ao criação de violência. Próprio assim, exatamente estamos carentes de estudos populacionais sobre a violência baseada em natureza no país, benefício quanto de pesquisas operacionais nos serviços. Sem estes estudos ficamos impossibilitados de ter um preferível consciência sobre leste maravilha e suas conseqüências. Existe uma maior ocorrência e visibilidade para as violências físicas, tipificadas criminalmente por lesões corporais. Ouvir as demandas relacionadas às violências significa ouvir as vítimas e isto é largamente complicado. E também é existir cônscio da viver do quesito e poderio perguntar sobre ele, no momento apropriado e sem constrangimentos. Por outro lado, para que nós profissionais possamos calcular ou identificar as formas de violência conjugal, precisamos de instrumentos diagnósticos.

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